We offer the best solutions for your business.


We provide a range of wealth management services from lending and investment to complex wealth structuring. With our customized wealth management solutions, we help our clients to grow their wealth and secure their legacies by investing across asset classes


We offer comprehensive financial planning and investment advice to individuals and corporate entities. We provide expert advices to a wide range of clients, in pursuit of helping them achieve the best returns on their investment.


We support companies desiring to raise short term funding through issuance of Commercial Papers for financing of account receivables, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities.


PAYDAY LOANS: This fast and convenient product is a novel introduction in the industry and provides employees with quick access to funds. The product is designed to provide our customers with quick cash pending salary payments

ADVANCE FOR SCHOOL FEES: Our Advance for School Fees scheme is designed to provide parents/guardians with short term financing to cover tuition fees for their children/wards, as well for financing of undergraduate study, postgraduate study and professional examinations.

VEHICLE FINANCE: A veritable platform for customers to acquire new vehicles in a financially convenient manner.

HOME LOANS: Our mortgage product is designed to provide financial support for the acquisition of properties.

EQUIPMENT LOANS: The Office Equipment Loan allows businesses and offices, access to a part-financing plan, up to N10,000,000, to purchase equipment for office and home use, such as laptops, generators, computers, photocopier, furniture etc for your business.

TRAVEL LOANS: The travel loan is packaged in collaboration with some Travel Management Companies to enable our customers plan for travels, locally and internationally without cashflow challenges.

BUSINESS LOANS: We assist to elevate your business to the next level with;

RECEIVABLE DISCOUNTING/INVOICE DISCOUNTING/DEBT FACTORING: These are loans that allow the borrower/obligor to obtain monetary value (usually discounted) against confirmed invoices for jobs already executed.

LPO FINANCE: LPO Finance is a loan made available to borrowing customers to finance the supply of materials or execution of specific supply contracts.

IMPORT FINANCE FACILITY: Import Finance Facility is a type of credit availed specifically for the importation of raw materials, finished goods and equipment. This can be made available as Unconfirmed LC, Confirmed LC, Deferred Payment LC, Standby LC and Irrevocable LC.

EXPORT FINANCE FACILITY: Export Finance Facility is a credit availed specifically for the export of agricultural produce or other commodities. This credit can either be availed at the pre-shipment or post-shipment stage of the transaction.

BONDS AND GUARANTEES: Bonds and Guarantees are undertakings that Trinity Financial will give on behalf of its clients demonstrating their creditworthiness and ability to meet contractual obligations. They create contingent exposure for trinity financial. They typically take the form of instruments issued on behalf of our clients to support contracts for supply, construction etc.

TERM LOANS: Term Loan is a credit (short term, medium or long term) availed to finance specific capital projects expansion or lines of business for a specified tenor. Repayment can be bullet, balloon or instalment.

LOAN SYNDICATION: Trinity Financial will participate with other lenders referred to as a syndicate to provide funds for a single borrower, who might be Trinity financial customer or customer of other Financial Institutions.


In collaboration with BOI, we assist several companies to raise BOI loans for diverse developmental projects.


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Trinity Financial is committed to its passion of helping entrepreneurs and Individuals to improve their Financial opportunities.


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